Our Story

WHAT we do

Innovators in the area of Property Marketing, we are experts in selling houses quickly and for the highest price. We’re an independent third party who will work together with you and your real estate agent to help you achieve your best sale outcome. Using our never-before-seen Knockout Marketing strategies, we provide you with comprehensive tools to make your property stand out from the sea of other listings.

Whether you’re only just thinking about listing your property, or experiencing difficulties getting your property sold, we can help. We’ll review the total presence of the property: its appearance, online listing and current marketing. Most importantly, while a real estate agent might fear losing your listing if they’re honest about your property’s shortcomings, we will give you an unbiased expert opinion on the presentation of your house. From there, we will present you with a specialised strategy to have buyers queuing at your door.

HOW we do it

We’re going to teach you how to knock out your competition and create a huge swell of market energy around your property. Our Knockout Marketing strategies will get your property noticed and sold quickly for the best price, regardless of the current market conditions.

The successful property millionaire behind this venture will share her vast experience and systemised processes for achieving successful sales. Her own results attest to rapid sales usually within one week of a property listing. Jump to Case Studies >>

We’ll help you by providing the following key services:

  • Prepare a Knockout Marketing Strategy for you.
  • Empower you with knowledge to work effectively with your real estate agent.
  • Review every facet of your property and its listing.
  • Provide step-by-step checklists guiding you through essential presentation tips for your home and why each tip is crucial to a successful sale.
  • Offer tips on photography, standout signage, and WOW marketing materials.
  • Advise you on the most valuable forms of advertising and teach you how to generate free publicity.
  • Educate you about effective pricing strategies.
  • Entice people to your open home, offer buyer incentives and incentivise your real estate agent.
  • Achieve the best sale result you need to sell your property in 30 days, when it has its highest perceived value by buyers.
  • Advise on sale negotiations.
  • Provide exceptional ideas for selling an investment property.
  • Offer a wide range of products and services to walk you through the entire selling process.

All services above are offered Australia-wide. We can also offer all of this PLUS an in-home consultation (limited areas in NSW and QLD) where we come into your home and suggest improvements to present your property at its best.

You can also go DIY, using either the ultimate ‘Home Seller’s Guide’, which gives you comprehensive checklists to prepare your home for sale; or you can download the book ‘How to Sell a House with Knockout Marketing Ideas’. Jump to products & services >>

WHY we do it

Property is a highly emotional product and selling a house can be the most stressful time in your life. Sometimes there can be dire financial consequences if you cannot sell your property. The average person only sells a couple of properties in their lifetime and to achieve the best result they need expert help to guide them through the process.

Your home is often your largest asset and it requires real effort to achieve the best financial outcome when selling. We don’t want to see you leaving thousands of dollars on the table through your lack of knowledge.

The real estate industry is no different to any other service industry, where the level of service can vary enormously. Most vendors leave the entire selling process to their real estate agent and quite often this is not in your best interest. This is why our service is critical to ensure that you and your real estate agent are working together to produce your best sales outcome.

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